Platinum staff is 100% Dementia Certified; this standard exceeds NCCDP best practices recommendations.

Our Approach is Different
Why should you work with dementia certified home care agency? Because clients and families living with a person who has a failing brain need specialized care And support.

No two clients are ever alike, much less two brains. Each client’s progression depends on their background, personality, and support system.

  • Certified Dementia Life Care Coach manages each client’s service plan.
  • Individual service plans are based on personal history, condition-specific, and cognitive assessment.
  • Suitably matched Certified DementiaPro’s according to client needs, skill level, and likes and dislikes.
  • DementiaPro’s receive extensive pre-employment screening, education, training, and practical experience.
  • DementiaPro’s are better equipped to safely and skillfully meet the needs of independent people living with dementia.
  • Holistic interventions such as aroma, reflexology, music, and dance to list a few.
  • Montessori Dementia methods are an integrated part of our service plans.

Certified Dementia Life Care Coaches and Certified DementiaPro’s are assigned to all clients with dementia.


DementiaPro’s are the best in the business and are employees of the agency. They are extensively trained and managed throughout their employment.

  • Licensed Vocational Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Medication Aides
  • Physical Therapy Aides
  • Restorative Nurse Aides

Criminal background checks, positive work history verification, and professional reference checks are routine elements of screening our DementiaPro’s. Platinum Senior Solutions is a licensed, insured and bonded agency.

The ONLY 100% Dementia Certified Home Care Agency in the area.

Why Us?

We understand that living and caring for a person with dementia can be overwhelming and that choosing a home care agency can be daunting. Combining expert insight and patients needs, we create service plans that deliver industry excellence and alleviate unnecessary home-life stress. Our team of experts is trained and ready to provide supportive care.

• Nurse Practitioner coordination of care provided in your home

• Certified Dementia Life Care Coaches

• Certified Dementia Specialists

• Certified Stroke Recovery Compliance Coaches

• Certified Dementia Lifestyle Specialists

Dementia Home Care. Transitional Care. Palliative Care. Stroke Recovery Compliance Care.

Goals of Care

There are distinctions between Activities of Daily Living (ADLS) and Independent Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). The term activities of daily living often refers to both as they inter-twine and overlap. We incorporate both into individual service plans and a CarePartners is matched based on ability, compatibility, and personal preferences.

"knowledge Is our foundation;
our entire team is Dementia Certified!"
~ Owner PSC

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